REAL TIME Wireless Cameras at the Arizona Border

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Our mission is to keep adding cameras and we need your help!

Please contact us if you are interested in donating to help us fund more cameras for the installation along the US/Mexico Border!

The livecam pages will store up to 300 of the most recent pictures and/or videos per camera on each livecam page

Border Cams #1 Border Cams #2

Just click the camera you want to see and it will display the most recent 300 events from that particular camera. The great thing about these cameras is they automatically update.  When a camera is triggered, they will automatically update the web site so you can see what is going on now!  We can even have the system automatically send email copies of the pictures/videos without even visiting the camera(s) or doing anything.  This saves us time and probably more importantly keeps everyone out of the danger zone! The cameras utilize a completely invisible infrared at night so there is no detectable flash or visible light being emitted at any time.  They will operate weeks in the field without having to change batteries or visit them at all. To say we are excited about this project is an understatement.

Cameras we use:

The cameras we use are long range wireless cameras (buckeye cams) and we hope to be able to start deploying "BuckEye Cam" communication towers very soon. By deploying these towers (not camera towers, but rather communication towers similar to cellular towers) we will be able to use these cameras ANYWHERE withing 40 miles of each tower. This gives the ability to move the wireless cameras around  freely and still be able to control them remotely.  Unlike "camera towers", the BuckEye Cam towers would give us the ability to cover more border ground with  thousands of portable BuckEye Cam wireless cameras.  The immediate failure with camera towers is once they are installed they are avoided thus rendering them useless shortly after the installation. If the plan were to shift to BuckEye Cam communication towers (1 tower ever 20 miles)  would give the border patrol and other government agencies the ability to place these wireless cameras and wireless sensors anywhere, anytime.

The nation could finally have a virtual portable wireless fence constructed that actually works at a fraction of the cost of past attempts!